Director—Conservatorium Van Amsterdam

Oliver is a born cellist and during his time of study at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam he is considered to be one of the most gifted musicians of our institute.



Solocellist Het Gelders Orkest

Oliver Walsh is a extremely gifted cellist with an outstanding musical pedigree and musicality



With his depth of knowledge and experience, Oliver fast tracked my lessons and often includes etudes and scales as extra work to ensure I learned quickly, but with an absolute eye for detail and form. At times my frustration boiled over during lessons, but Oliver’s calm approach would have me back on track and ready to face the week’s practice before the lesson ended.  

Oliver’s business card proudly displays the word ‘Mentor’ and above all else I really feel like I am not only receiving expert tuition, I am constantly being mentored to succeed.

It is a joy and a privilege to sit opposite Oliver during lessons and listen to his extraordinary cello playing.

I recommend Oliver as a cello teacher and mentor to anyone who has the desire to play beautiful cello music.




Oliver is the most sophisticated teacher I have ever had with uncanny eye for detail. My playing has improved more than ever and I am playing music I never thought possible.



It is an absolute pleasure learning how to play the cello with Oliver. Each lesson is guided by my own performance goals and Oliver patiently works with me to find a style and technique that works for me. Oliver's stories of his own performance and learning experience are inspiring and through these stories I have learnt a lot about not only playing the cello but also of the rich history and culture the cello is part of.


Student's parent

My son was 7 and half years old when he told me that he wanted to learn Cello seriously. A lot of time and effort was spent to find a right cello  teacher, until we met Oliver. He is such an example of perfect combination of patience and focus on the foundation technique of cello study. Being an academically educated musician,  not only has Oliver a lot of valuable things to offer to my son, but also a true role mode to an another enthusiasm 7 and half years old boy like my son. Within  as short as 13 months since my son’s first class with Oliver, my son achieved A+ in his Grade 5 Cello AMEB exam. That was his second A+ AMEB result in his Cello study since his studying with Oliver. Oliver  is a very dedicated teacher who is serious about teaching his students on musicianship and techniques.



I am happy knowing that such a kind human of great musical talent and training is guiding my cello studies.